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Alberta accounts for about a third of organic acres on the Prairies.

Organic acres level off in Alberta

Reading Time: < 1 minute After a decade of strong growth, the number of organic acres dipped slightly in Alberta last year, says a new report. But that was good compared to its next door neighbour, said the report by the Canada Organic Trade Association. “Saskatchewan demonstrated the largest acreage decline, with 119,099 fewer acres, followed by Alberta at 6,214 […] Read more

Organic farms and acres increasing on the Prairies

Organic farms and acres increasing on the Prairies

Reading Time: < 1 minute The number of Prairie organic farms and their acreage continues to increase, says the Canada Organic Trade Association. The latest report, the fifth annual, puts the number of certified organic operations on the Prairies at 1,975 in 2018 (compared to 1,840 in 2017). And for the first time, land used for organic field crop production […] Read more

The growing availability of organic food in grocery story chains is a key factor in driving sales.

The stereotypical organic consumer doesn’t exist anymore

Alberta has the highest proportion of organic consumers of any province in the country

Reading Time: 3 minutes If newspaper headlines are to be believed, millennials have already killed the paper napkin industry, department stores, and beer (somehow). Could conventional agriculture be next? Nah. All the generations are working on that one, says an organic industry official. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a millennial, Gen X, or baby boomer — across the board, […] Read more

More and more people are regularly buying organic food — usually produce and usually at a mainstream grocery store — a new survey has found.

Organic food continues to win market share

Millennials and young families are the biggest factors in the ‘staggering’ jump in the popularity 
of organic

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Canada Organic Trade Association marked National Organic Week earlier this month by releasing new data that shows a “staggering” increase in the number of Canadians who are buying organic groceries every week. An online consumer research study done earlier this year found that organic food is on the weekly shopping list of two in […] Read more