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A chef addresses the crowd at a Canadian beef industry event in China in 2016.

China represents opportunity for Canadian beef producers

Beef is increasingly on the menu for China’s growing middle class 
and the country can’t keep up with demand

Reading Time: 3 minutes The numbers are staggering — 854 million people in China are expected to be regular beef eaters by the year 2030. Despite their large land base, cattle numbers cannot keep up with the demand for beef that has been increasing by 15 per cent per year. What has happened? Where does the beef come from? […] Read more

Here’s the beef — marketing agency reports on its efforts here and abroad

Here’s the beef — marketing agency reports on its efforts here and abroad

New chief marketer for Canada Beef has a lengthy list of promotional work, 
and plans to do much more

Reading Time: 3 minutes The new chief marketer for Canadian beef has plenty to keep him busy. Francis Andres, Canada Beef’s new executive vice-president, had a lengthy report on the agency’s promotional work in the past year. Andres — who counts stints with Safeway, Saputo, and Kraft Foods in his lengthy resumé — was hired in May just as […] Read more

Meijer steps down as president of Canada Beef

Reading Time: < 1 minute Rob Meijer had resigned as president of Canada Beef to spend more time with his family, the organization has announced. Meijer joined the revamped agency five years ago and was credited for having achieved “many milestones” by Linda Allison, chair of the Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency. In a statement, Meijer […] Read more

Want to tell your Canadian beef story?

Want to tell your Canadian beef story?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canada Beef is looking for beef producers to join our network of tour stops for guests visiting the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence. The centre has an increasing number of domestic and international visitors who are involved in the beef industry. As part of its outreach, the centre offers visitors a chance to experience the […] Read more

farmer raising his arms in success

Five reasons to celebrate 2015

There's no denying it was a troubled year, but don't forget the many good things that happened

Reading Time: 5 minutes As you look back on 2015, do you feel the January blues coming on? The oil price crash went from bad to awful, tighter margins were made worse by summer drought, and ‘disaster’ seems a charitable description for Bill 6. But there were lots of positive developments in the past year and now’s not a […] Read more

The announcement of the new Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence drew a crowd of officials. From left to right: Canada Beef president Rob Meijer, directors Mike Kennedy and Jack Hextall, chair Chuck MacLean, Western Economic Diversification Minister Michelle Rempel, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, and director Jennifer MacDonald. Director Willie van Solkema and Red Deer MP Earl Dreeshen are at the rear.

New centre to boost profile of Canadian beef

The $3.8-million facility in Calgary aims to ‘bring the brand to life’

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new Centre of Excellence is going to do for beef what Cigi has done for grains and oilseeds, says the president of Canada Beef. “I’ve always been high on Cigi — the folks there have done a tremendous job of ensuring Canadian grains have strong international recognition,” said Rob Meijer. Over the last four […] Read more