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Get the lowdown on new beef yield grades

Canada’s beef yield grade standards have now changed to mirror U.S. ones, with five yield classes replacing the former three classes. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association has several resources on its website outlining the changes and what it means to producers. This includes a brief on the five most commonly asked questions of the Canadian Beef […] Read more

Beef yield grade standards to mirror U.S.

In January, Canada’s beef yield grade standards will change from the current three classes to five in order to mirror U.S. standards. The Canadian Beef Grading Agency says the move will allow alignment with the country’s largest export market for cattle and beef, and also provide enhanced distinction between higher- and lower-yielding carcasses. That will […] Read more

Have we gone overboard in the bid to get more marbling?

More beef is grading AAA or Prime, but lean meat has fallen dramatically – and that's not right, says expert

If you glance at the numbers, it seems like the cattle industry is getting more beef — and more AAA or Prime beef — from fewer animals than ever before. But dig a little deeper, and the numbers tell a different story. According to longtime beef industry analyst Charlie Gracey, the trend of feeding cattle […] Read more