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All tags were applied according to manufacturers’ directions in the CCIA study, which did the trick for the first 18 months, 
but not so much after that.

Missing in action: Study finds ear tag retention a major problem

Calves have almost 100 per cent ear tag retention, but one in nine 
mature cows loses their tag — and it can be as high as one-third

Cow-calf producers were right all along — ear tag retention in mature cows sucks. “There is a lot of back and forth within the industry as to the effectiveness of these tags, and a lot of the cow-calf producers were identifying concerns about the longevity of the tags,” said Ross MacDonald, project manager for the […] Read more

Tool puts traceability service providers on the map

Traceability Connects has more than 80 locations offering livestock traceability services in Alberta

Alberta livestock owners now have easier access to information and services for the livestock traceability system through a new interactive map called Traceability Connects. The map makes it easier for livestock producers to connect with traceability service providers, said Kelly Corbett, provincial traceability education co-ordinator “The tool identifies over 80 locations province-wide that offer a […] Read more

The nitty-gritty of becoming a ‘verified sustainable’ beef producer

Alberta Beef Producers chair Greg Bowie, who was verified in May, explains what’s involved

Thinking of becoming a producer of ‘verified sustainable beef,’ but wondering just what it involves? There are 31 indicators (available at that cow-calf producers must meet to qualify for McDonald’s program — and at first glance, it can all seem overwhelming. But it’s actually not that challenging, says Greg Bowie, a seedstock producer from […] Read more

Basic info from cattle database will remain free

But new owners of BIXS also need to create revenue now that government funding has dried up

Cattle producers will be able to access basic data from the now privatized Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS), but may have to pay for some types of information, says the head of the company. “BIXS is totally voluntary, just like the Internet,” said Hubert Lau, president and CEO of BIXSco. “You can use the Internet and […] Read more