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Grassland bird species provide a lot of value to livestock producers, say grassland habitat experts Curtis Hullick (left) and Christian Artuso.

The birds and the beef: The facts of grasslands conservation

Grassland bird populations down dramatically, but farmers often don’t appreciate their value

Reading Time: 3 minutes Birds are struggling to survive on Prairie grasslands — but they’re not the only ones in trouble. “The biggest species at risk in Manitoba is beef producers,” said Curtis Hullick, field manager for the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation. “It’s important to have large blocks of habitat for the birds. But with the economic pressures of […] Read more

Human resources expert Janice Goldsborough is seeing a shift in demographics on today’s farms, and that will only continue as labour gets harder to find.

The face of agriculture needs to change

The growing shortage of workers will produce a much more diverse workforce, say experts

Reading Time: 3 minutes The face of Canadian agriculture is changing, and farmers will need to change with it if they hope to survive. That’s a familiar message but when Janice Goldsborough delivers it, she’s not talking about consumers — but farmers themselves. “We have an aging population,” said Goldsborough, who helps small and medium-size businesses with their human […] Read more

Brenda Schoepp (l) and Jennifer Blair each took home an award at the recent Canadian Farm Writers Federation conference.

Double win for Alberta Farmer writers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Farmer columnist Brenda Schoepp and reporter Jennifer Blair have been honoured at the country’s premier agricultural journalism awards program. Schoepp won silver in the Press Column category for Temper Tantrums: There’s way too much drama on some farms, which ran in the Nov. 6, 2017 edition of the paper. Blair, a multiple past winner, […] Read more

A worker walks across a field of flooded cranberries during harvest.

A cranberry harvest is unlike any other

Farming cranberries is big business in Quebec, but it’s unlike anything you see on the Prairies

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re ever looking for a completely different harvest experience, Quebec is the place to go. Cranberries are a big deal in La belle province and getting a close-up look at the harvest was a highlight for a group of ag journalists during a recent Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation tour. Yes, a tractor is involved […] Read more

Bill 6 coverage wins prestigious journalism award

Reading Time: < 1 minute For the second year in a row, Alberta Farmer reporter Jennifer Blair has been honoured at the country’s premier agricultural journalism awards program. Blair won bronze in the Weekly Press Reporting category for her December 2015 story entitled Big Blowup, which detailed the firestorm of protests which arose following the introduction of Bill 6, which […] Read more

Jennifer Blair (l) and Alexis Kienlen.

Alberta Farmer reporters win prestigious journalism award

FBC writers score big in annual awards competition

Reading Time: 2 minutes For the first time since its founding in 2007, Alberta Farmer has won top honours in the country’s premier agricultural journalism awards program. Jennifer Blair and Alexis Kienlen won gold in the Weekly Press Reporting category for a July 2014 story entitled Drenched Again, which examined flooding in the south of the province after torrential […] Read more

Alberta Farmer wins CFWF awards

Reading Time: < 1 minute An investigative report that revealed McDonald’s had chosen Canada as the site of its “sustainable beef” pilot project has been honoured by the Canadian Farm Writers Federation. Alberta Farmer reporter Alexis Kienlen won a silver award in the Weekly Press Reporting category for her story on how the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and the Canadian Roundtable for […] Read more