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A proposed code for the grain sector is getting a rough ride from farmers even though it would be voluntary and recommends practices already used by the vast majority of producers.

Farmers pan proposed code of practice for grain sector

Group behind voluntary code gets a lot of feedback — much of it negative — on its initial draft

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hundreds of Prairie farmers have weighed in on a new proposed grain code of practice — and most found a lot not to like. Among the criticisms of the draft Responsible Grain code of practice: it’s not needed; it won’t provide any benefits to producers; it could pave the way for regulations that would hinder […] Read more

Getting farmer feedback on the proposed grain code is critical because it has to “make sense” on the farm in order to work, Ted Menzies says in this video on the Responsible Grain code of practice. The former politician and farm leader from Claresholm chairs the committee that developed the draft code.

Proposed grain code suddenly getting noticed

Some farmers are wondering why they’ve just heard of it, but it’s been in the works for a while

Reading Time: 4 minutes A new proposed grain code of practice has left some Alberta growers scratching their heads about where it came from, who’s behind it, and why they haven’t heard about it until now. But that’s not for lack of trying on the part of the group who developed the draft Responsible Grain code of practice. “Those […] Read more

“We want consumers to feel really good about purchasing anything that includes Canadian grain.” – Adam Dyck.

Farmer input sought for new grain code of practice

Consultations on the new voluntary program start in January, with a rollout planned for spring

Reading Time: 3 minutes Grain farmers are being asked for their views on a new code of practice being created by a coalition of farm groups and industry associations. Consultations begin next month on the proposed code, which covers practices such as fertilizer and pesticide use, and management of soil and water. “The intent of the voluntary code of […] Read more

A committee set up by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops is looking 
at how to develop a code of practice for field crops.

Crop sector eyes code of practice to showcase stewardship credentials

The initiative has widespread support among farm groups and industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s early days, but work has begun on developing a code of practice for field crops — a move aimed at reassuring consumers that producers are using sustainable methods to grow food. “It’s basically on the idea level — we’ve done a little bit of work on what it could potentially look like, but it’s […] Read more


Crop sector starts its sustainability roundtable

As with beef, producers will be asked to document their practices, but carrying the system past the grain elevator may be tricky

Reading Time: 3 minutes The push for sustainability continues — and this time, it’s hit the Canadian crop sector. “End-users are looking to have a certified or verified supply chain that goes to the farm level,” said Kara Barnes, market development co-ordinator with the Alberta Barley Commission and a best practices specialist with the Barley Council of Canada. “Just […] Read more