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Sask. dryness could impact global canaryseed prices

CNS Canada –– Dryness in Saskatchewan could support global canaryseed prices, as the province produces nearly all of Canada’s crop. Canada is the world’s largest producer and exporter of canaryseed worldwide, according to a federal government report. Kevin Hursh, executive director for the Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan, expects global canaryseed prices will eventually react […] Read more

Canaryseed slow to move, but still pencils out in many areas

CNS Canada — The canaryseed market may be very slow in Western Canada, but acres are still expected to rise in 2015, according to an industry official. “The canary market is relatively quiet,” said David Nobbs, president of the Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan and director of operations with CanPulse foods in Kindersley, Sask. Activity […] Read more

Hidden stocks keep canaryseed rangebound

CNS Canada –– The visible supply-and-demand fundamentals for canaryseed in Western Canada may appear tight — but actual price activity may say otherwise. Canada’s 2014 canaryseed crop was estimated at 138,800 tonnes by Statistics Canada in its October report, which compares with the 131,000 tonnes grown in 2013. The government agency has not released recent […] Read more