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Top-quality canola is fetching good prices, but many producers are finding that damaged is heavily discounted.

Record-high canola crush is good news — but only for some growers

Growers can only hope discounts for damaged canola are reduced as supply dwindles

Alberta’s canola crush plants may be running at a record-high pace this year — but that only really benefits farmers who are close to those facilities, says a farmer northeast of Edmonton. “We’ve got it in the bins, but we’ve got no place to haul it,” said Doug Scott, whose closest crush plant is in […] Read more

What is the effect of lower crush margins?

Lower margins suggest canola crushers will reduce production, but that’s not necessarily so

Crush margins have dropped sharply in the last 18 months, but the implications for canola producers aren’t clear, says a provincial crops analyst. Canola crushers don’t disclose their margins, and so the trade estimates a “board” canola crush margin based on ICE Canada canola futures and U.S. futures markets for soybean oil and soybean meal, […] Read more