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Canola futures continue their slide

CNS Canada – Canola futures slid to their lowest levels in 15 months during the week ended Nov. 9, but managed to uncover some support to the downside and could be consolidating. While off-the combine deliveries were slowing down with the advent of winter, the commercial pipeline is still filled with recently harvested canola supplies. […] Read more

There are a lot of ships, like this one at Tiplam terminal in Santos, loading Brazilian soybeans for shipment to China this spring. The country has been the largest purchaser of American soybeans but stopped buying in early April after being threatened with U.S. tariffs.

While U.S. soybean growers fret, canola keeps shining

China has stopped buying American soybeans, while canola trade is comfortably boring

A potential U.S.-China trade war has American soybean growers anxiously watching the horizon, but it looks like smooth sailing for canola markets. “Canola is a high-quality oil that processors would use more of if they could get their hands on it. This does encourage more growth and also the increase of crush capacity we’ve seen […] Read more

ICE weekly outlook: Canola futures linked to NAFTA

CNS Canada — ICE Futures Canada canola contracts zigged and zagged around the $520 per tonne mark during the week ended Wednesday — but one analyst says the market could really take a turn if and when the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement is clarified. “The Canadian dollar is already moving to […] Read more

ICE weekly outlook: Canola rides soymeal wave higher

CNS Canada — ICE Futures Canada canola contracts rode the coattails of a surging soymeal market during the week ended Wednesday, but one big rain in Argentina could halt the rally in its tracks. “If there’s more rain in the forecast we will lose ground,” said Mike Jubinville of ProFarmer Canada. “The attitude is the […] Read more

ICE Canada Weekly Outlook: Canola stuck in sideways pattern

CNS Canada – ICE Futures Canada canola contracts may be showing some strength to start the New Year, but the overall trend remains sideways, according to an analyst. “Everything is hovering around C$500, which has been a magnet for the past year-and-a-half,” said David Derwin, Commodities Investment Advisor with PI Financial. The most active March […] Read more