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A still from a video explaining the findings from the latest National Beef Quality Audit.

Beef ‘report card’ pegs carcass losses at $110 million annually

Problems such as liver abscesses, overfat cattle, and tag come with a big price tag

Reading Time: 4 minutes The beef industry has got its “report card” and it’s not living up to its potential when it comes to carcass defects. In fact, its marks have slipped, according to the latest National Beef Quality Audit. “When you look at the various defects and what they cost, they add up to $85 a head on […] Read more

A recent study found breeding cattle for carcass quality traits over the long run can help put serious coin in cow-calf producers' pockets.

Breeding for carcass quality has a payoff

Using genomics to improve carcass quality can greatly improve profitability, study says

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sourcing quality breeding stock has the greatest impact on carcass quality — and having carcass data is “integral” to that process. But too many producers are flying blind, according to Tom Lynch-Staunton, director of industry relations for Livestock Gentec. “Most people sell their calves in the fall at weaning and really have no idea how […] Read more