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A pricing system encourages both quality and yield

A pricing system encourages both quality and yield

Here’s Charlie Gracey’s formula for a pricing system that he says would send out the right market signal

Reading Time: 2 minutes How would a pricing system that compensates producers fairly for both quality and yield work? Here’s Charlie Gracey’s formula, which is based on a carcass yield of 73 per cent and, in this example, a price of $2 per pound on the rail. “Discounts for carcass weights that were over or under the desired range […] Read more

Bird hunting is believed to be the leading cause of buckshot contamination on cattle.

Cattle carcass contamination increasing

The incidence of broken needles is up tenfold, and 100,000 pounds of beef 
are thrown out yearly because of buckshot contamination

Reading Time: 3 minutes Consumer confidence in Canadian beef is being eroded by a preventable problem — carcasses contaminated with needles, buckshot, and drug residues. “We want to make sure that all the cattle we’re producing — calves and cull cattle together — are going to be able to have a steak or roast off them without somebody either […] Read more