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Judging from the number of calls that one Alberta rancher receives about Sussex cattle, there a lot of producers who would like to have a purebred bull like the one reporter Alexis Kienlen saw in South Africa.

There’s a lot to love about Sussex cattle — but try finding any

Sussex cattle thrive in countries as diverse as England, South Africa, and Australia, but haven’t made it to Canada

I recently toured a South African farm that is home to the country’s most highly valued Sussex bull — a beautiful stud that recently appeared on the cover of one of the nation’s leading agricultural publications. South Africa is in the worst drought in 100 years, so bad that cattle farmers in other provinces have […] Read more

At Rocky Mountain Holsteins, farm manager Ron Churchill uses genomics to develop 
elite dairy breeding stock.

The perfect cow: Two different approaches to getting the best genetics

At CL Ranch, it’s all about breeding for observable traits, 
but genomics is the foundation for Rocky Mountain Holsteins

You won’t find a single Angus cow in Cherie Copithorne-Barnes’ herd. But then again, you won’t find any other specific breeds either. “One of the philosophies that we have here at CL Ranch is we’re not breed specific — we’re trait specific,” said Copithorne-Barnes, CEO of the 23,000-acre ranch near Calgary. “We are synthetic cross-breeders, […] Read more

East-central Alberta may be a long way from Scotland, but these Highland cattle don’t look out of place in the rolling hills near Czar.

Hardy Highland cattle right at home in the hills of east-central Alberta

They calve easily and don’t turn up their nose at poor 
pasture lands — but their stubborn streak can be vexing

There were a few raised eyebrows when Jaylyn Ettinger decided to build a Highland cattle herd. “My dad thought we were crazy,” said Ettinger, who farms with husband Grant Marchand near Czar in east-central Alberta. But in the three years since the couple bought their first five Highland cattle, he’s come around. “Now he loves […] Read more