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Alberta’s cattle herd has already been shrinking at twice last year’s rate and that’s likely to accelerate because of high feed costs.

With feed expensive and supplies tight, more cows are ‘heading to town

Your culling criteria will depend on your operation — and your cows

Reading Time: 4 minutes Alberta cattle producers may need to make some tough choices when it comes to culling this fall and winter. “There are a number of reasons for culling, and they all relate to profitability,” said provincial business management specialist Ted Nibourg. “If the herd isn’t profitable, if the cows aren’t making you money, it might be […] Read more

The situation is grim for many ranchers, ABP warns province

The situation is grim for many ranchers, ABP warns province

Provincial officials will need to quickly roll out assistance programs if drought continues, says Charlie Christie

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta’s main cattle group is warning the provincial government to stand ready as a severe feed shortage could soon lead to a major culling of herds. Many ranchers depleted their hay stocks after a cold spring delayed pasture growth, and have seen only meagre production this summer in the face of dry, hot conditions, said […] Read more