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McDonald’s pilot could usher in overdue reforms

The fast-food giant’s bid to use only ‘sustainable beef’ may finally
 force the industry to share data and work together

Reading Time: 3 minutes Did A&W’s “better beef” campaign pop into your head when you read the front-page story on McDonald’s picking Canada for its first-ever “sustainable beef” pilot? Did you think, ‘Oh goodie, more paperwork.’ And, of course, you must have noted McDonald’s is not offering premiums for this program. That’s a point made repeatedly by senior company […] Read more

FAQs on BIXS 2.0

Answering questions on the improved and updated beef cattle database

Reading Time: 2 minutes Is this a mandatory program? No. BIXS is strictly voluntary. Can I participate if my farm Internet connection is dial-up? Yes… but with a caveat. If your dial-up connection is slow or intermittent, access to BIXS may be problematic. At this time it’s felt that a minimum dial-up connection rate of 56.6 baud uninterrupted will […] Read more