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Pricey hay is making alternatives more attractive, 
but the diets must be balanced.

Straw and chaff are a good — but incomplete — diet

Provincial forage specialist Barry Yaremcio offers guidelines for mineral supplementation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Turning cows out onto stubble fields is a good feed choice, but there are some things to consider, says a provincial beef and forage specialist. Cattle “pick and choose” what they want when grazing stubble, slough hay, or mature hay growing along the fences and headlands, said Barry Yaremcio. Straw, chaff, and overmature grass hays […] Read more

Heather Bruce

It’s no secret — high-energy, low-protein diet builds a better carcass

Expert says the science for creating a better carcass is well known, and producers who employ it will prosper

Reading Time: 2 minutes Feeding to build a better beef carcass is simply better for your bottom line, says a carcass and meat science researcher from the University of Alberta. “You’re going to increase the return on every carcass if you can minimize your inputs and maximize or match the outputs that are required,” Heather Bruce said at the […] Read more