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Cattle groups propose new grazing fee structure

Fees have been frozen for more than two decades but revamping the system 
has proven to be complicated

After years of discussions, and controversy, cattle groups in the province have put forward a proposal on a new fee structure for grazing leases. “The proposed public land grazing framework addresses long-standing concerns over the calculation of grazing lease rental rates, implements a fair and transparent system, recognizes the real value of the lease, and […] Read more

Pastures and hay fields have seen slow forage growth due to cool and dry conditions across Alberta.

Short on forages for cattle? Creep feeding could be the answer

Grazing expert says creep feeding could deliver 25 to 100 pounds of additional gain

Cool, dry conditions across most of Alberta last month slowed forage growth in pastures and hay fields, says a beef and forage specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “If it stays dry the amount of growth will be limited and it is possible that pastures will run out much earlier than normal,” Barry Yaremcio said […] Read more