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Proper use of parasite control products is more important than ever as concerns about drug resistance mounts.

Five tips for managing parasites in your herd

Using the right dosage of the right product at the right time are three of those five key practices

Reading Time: 2 minutes Resistance is something we currently hear a lot about in agriculture, including the issue of parasite resistance in beef cattle. This raises questions about parasite management decisions. How can livestock operators effectively manage internal parasites in their herds? What can they do to reduce the risk of parasite resistance? Parasites are a normal part of […] Read more

cattle laying in a pasture

Growing pains — herd rebuild a long-term proposition

Four to Watch: Cattle herd needs a ‘big move’ in heifer retention to fuel expansion

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cattle herd expansion was one of the biggest ‘will they or won’t they’ stories in 2014 — and that little plot line will continue to play out in 2015. “Right now, we’re still in the consolidation phase,” said Brenna Grant, research manager at Canfax. “Inventories are going to be stable on Jan. 1, 2015, and […] Read more

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High costs slowing cattle herd expansion

Canada’s beef cattle industry is poised for expansion, but will high capital costs cause delays?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Strong prices are signalling that it’s time to start retaining heifers and build the cattle herd — but rising capital costs could cause some producers to hold off. “There’s lots of opportunities, but it’s costly,” said Rick Dehod, farm financial specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. A decade of pain and low prices means […] Read more

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Thinking of expanding your cattle herd? Here’s a to-do checklist

Successful expansions depend on assessing risk, knowing how per-unit 
costs will change, and having a marketing plan

Reading Time: 3 minutes When it comes to deciding on expanding a cattle herd, or taking over an existing one, there are a few critical checkpoints to be considered. “In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the potential for beef herd expansion due to the historically high beef and cattle prices the industry is experiencing,” […] Read more

New season of Cow-Calfenomics

Total of six seminars start Nov. 25 in Medicine Hat, conclude in Vermilion

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cow-Calfenomics is back and this year’s seminar theme is Seizing Opportunities in the Alberta Cow-Calf Sector. Topics include opportunities and threats in herd expansion; linking pasture systems to optimize performances and profitability; cost of bred heifers; managing prosperity; human resources strategies; and innovative business models. The first round of seminars will be held in November […] Read more