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Coaldale vet Steve Hendrick outlined the causes of pregnancy loss and ways to reduce those losses during a recent Beef Cattle Research Council webinar.

Understanding reasons for pregnancy loss can help prevent it

About two to three per cent of cows will experience pregnancy loss but that number can be reduced

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cattle pregnancy loss occurs for many reasons. Knowing about it can help you manage it and reduce it. “Pregnancy loss occurs throughout all stages of gestation — it’s sort of a natural selection,” veterinarian Steve Hendrick of Coaldale Veterinary Services said during a recent Beef Cattle Research Council webinar. “There are lots of genetic and […] Read more

Checking cattle for pregnancy: Rectal palpation versus ultrasound

Beef 911: Both methods have advantages, but the key 
is having reproductive exams at least once a year

Reading Time: 4 minutes Both rectal palpation and ultrasounding for pregnancy have advantages depending on their intended application, and both require a skilled veterinarian performing the pregnancy exam to get accurate results. I will outline the pros and cons of each method so you can see how to best fit them into your farming operation, and dispel some myths […] Read more

There are several steps producers can take in spring to maximize artificial insemination pregnancy rates.

Maximize pregnancy rates when artificially inseminating livestock

There are several steps producers can take to improve AI success

Reading Time: 4 minutes Artificial insemination (AI) offers cattle producers the opportunity to use semen from high-accuracy, genetically superior sires at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a herd bull with similar genetics. “In addition, using estrus synchronization and AI can increase the number of calves born earlier in the calving season and increase weaning weights of calves,” […] Read more