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Richardson won’t renew canola, flax, soy funding

One of Canada’s biggest grain companies is stepping out of three Canadian oilseed industry organizations — and taking its funding when it goes. Winnipeg-based, privately-held Richardson International has announced it will not provide funding in 2018 for the Canola Council of Canada and the Flax Council of Canada, nor will it renew its funding commitment […] Read more

Mundare-area producer Greg Porozni (l) talks wheat with Essa Al Ghurair, owner of the largest flour mill and canola crush plant in the United Arab Emirates, during a recent trade mission.

Being the best is no longer good enough

Global wheat buyers love our quality but cheaper alternatives have increased the need for building relationships

Reading Time: 4 minutes A recent trade mission to promote Canadian wheat went around the world in 14 days — or at least that’s how it felt to Greg Porozni. “We had a very successful mission,” the Mundare-area farmer said of his travels to Indonesia, Dubai, Nigeria, and Ghana last month. “These are growth markets, and that’s a really […] Read more

Strong, enduring relationships don’t happen by accident

Strong, enduring relationships don’t happen by accident

The reaction of customers to hearing a farmer’s story shows 
the importance of having producers on crop missions

Reading Time: 3 minutes This January I went on a much-anticipated trip to Maui with my wife. Twenty years ago, we committed to spending the rest of our lives together and thought this was a good way to celebrate such a milestone (sans children, of course!). One month prior to this celebration, I was over the Indian Ocean heading to […] Read more

What does your grain sell for at port?

What does your grain sell for at port?

When grain gridlock hit two years ago, the gap between the elevator and port price appears to have skyrocketed — and cost farmers billions

Reading Time: 4 minutes The jury’s still out on whether knowing the price of export grain relative to local cash prices will help producers get better prices. But the Alberta Wheat Commission intends to find out. “The port price would provide an indication of whether the system is constrained or functioning efficiently,” said Tom Steve, the commission’s general manager. […] Read more

Cereal crop producers urged to take care

Cereal crop producers urged to take care

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new campaign is urging cereal producers to be vigilant about grain safety. Cereals Canada launched the Keep it Clean — Cereals campaign because of growing scrutiny of grain, said Cam Dahl, the organization’s president. “Canadian farmers consistently deliver high-quality safe food to consumers around the world,” said Dahl. There are a few steps that […] Read more

Following the money: Farm leaders say it’s well spent

Following the money: Farm leaders say it’s well spent

Saskatchewan and Manitoba aiming to keep admin costs below 15 per cent of spending —
but their Alberta counterparts aren’t sure it can be done

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do Alberta’s wheat and barley commissions have a spending problem? The chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission suggested as much when he took a shot at GrainsWest, a magazine published quarterly by the Alberta Barley Commission and Alberta Wheat Commission. “You’ll not see us putting out a great big glossy magazine,” Bill Gehl said […] Read more

conference presentation

Wheat buyers pumped when Alberta farmers visit

Wheat buyers have all kinds of questions from mycotoxins and food safety 
to supply and crop data, and they also want to meet growers in person

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Lynn Jacobson went to Asia on a trade mission, he found his preconceived notions were completely wrong. “My preconception of what society was like over there was completely changed,” said the grain farmer from Enchant. “I thought they were 10 to 15 years behind us, but in some ways they’re 10 to 15 years […] Read more

Why go on trade missions?

Consistency and high food safety standards have given Canada 
a ‘quality advantage’ in countries like China

Reading Time: 3 minutes I recently returned from a trade mission to China led by Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, who was accompanied by other federal and provincial government officials, and representatives from barley, beef, pork, blueberries, flax and other sectors. Trade missions like this one to China are not unique, and follow closely to recent trade missions to Korea […] Read more