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Like all Foodgrains Bank growing projects, harvest always draws a crowd, including at the Linden-Acme Foodgrains Growing Project (above) or the Vauxhall & District Growing Project (right). That’s likely to be scaled down this year, but volunteers say the pandemic has made their fundraising efforts more important than ever.

The need is greater than ever — and the volunteer spirit even stronger

Reading Time: 3 minutes COVID-19 has stopped many things, but not the volunteers of Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects. In Kneehill County, the Linden-Acme Foodgrains Growing Pro­ject will be planting its 17th crop — this year, it will be barley for silage, said Earl Jeninga, manager at Kneehill Soil Services. Anywhere from 30 to 40 people volunteer each year […] Read more

Fort Saskatchewan farmers Jacilyn and Keith Goutbeck travelled to Ethiopia to see projects funded by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Trip to Ethiopia eye opening for Fort Saskatchewan siblings

Reading Time: 4 minutes Many farmers and Albertans support the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, but few have seen the impact that their donations make. Keith and Jacilyn Goutbeck have — and won’t soon forget what they encountered on a learning tour to Ethiopia at the end of January. The siblings visited individual families in communities that had received Foodgrains Bank […] Read more

Farmers help 18 Alberta charities and non-profits get funding

Canada’s Farmers Grow Communities gives $2,500 grants to organizations nominated by farmers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Eighteen Alberta rural charities and non-profits are among the 66 groups receiving $2,500 grants from the Monsanto Fund as part of the 2015 Canada’s Farmers Grow Communities program. Each was nominated by a local farmer who applied on behalf of their favourite cause. The 2015 edition of the program received 371 entries, with winners drawn […] Read more