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Just a bad patch? Or is the cattle sector in denial?

Two views of how the plan to revitalize the beef sector is working so far

The cattle industry needs to stop patting itself on the back and face an uncomfortable truth — its grand plan to create a bright new future isn’t yielding results. That’s the view of Charlie Gracey, one of Canada’s most renowned experts on the beef industry. And all you have to do is look at the […] Read more

Have we gone overboard in the bid to get more marbling?

More beef is grading AAA or Prime, but lean meat has fallen dramatically – and that's not right, says expert

If you glance at the numbers, it seems like the cattle industry is getting more beef — and more AAA or Prime beef — from fewer animals than ever before. But dig a little deeper, and the numbers tell a different story. According to longtime beef industry analyst Charlie Gracey, the trend of feeding cattle […] Read more

A pricing system encourages both quality and yield

Here’s Charlie Gracey’s formula for a pricing system that he says would send out the right market signal

How would a pricing system that compensates producers fairly for both quality and yield work? Here’s Charlie Gracey’s formula, which is based on a carcass yield of 73 per cent and, in this example, a price of $2 per pound on the rail. “Discounts for carcass weights that were over or under the desired range […] Read more