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Bale wrap accounts for nearly a quarter of the ag plastic used annually on Canadian farms, says a new study by Cleanfarms.

There’s a mountain of plastic waste but Cleanfarms aims to conquer it

Organization says 62,000 tonnes of ag waste is created annually and only a tenth is recycled

Reading Time: 3 minutes A mountain of plastic waste comes off Canadian farms each year — nearly 62,000 tonnes annually. But even though Cleanfarms currently diverts only a small fraction of that pile into recycling, the organization wants to one day see all of it collected and recycled. That’s why it commissioned a study to identify the types and […] Read more

Cleanfarms collection coming in October

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cleanfarms will be running one of its collection events in southern Alberta this October. The organization rotates its collection program so events return to regions every three years.  Producers can drop off old or unwanted ag pesticides (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label) as well as livestock/equine medications (identified with a […] Read more

Pandemic didn’t slow recycling efforts

Pandemic didn’t slow recycling efforts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Despite the challenges of a year restrained by the pandemic, Canadian producers returned more than 5.5 million pesticide and fertilizer jugs 23 litres and smaller in 2020. That’s on par with 2019 numbers. Last year’s collection brought the total number of jugs recovered for recycling since the beginning of the program in 1989 to more […] Read more

Treating used plastic as a resource is key for farmers

Zero waste is an achievable goal for ag plastics and one that we are already pursuing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farmers earn their living from the land, and they work hard making sure their fields and farms remain healthy, well managed and free from litter and waste. This is an investment that benefits all of Canada, given the importance of our agricultural industry to feed our country and the world. While necessary to Canada’s agricultural […] Read more

Six new sites in the province where grain bags and/or used twine can be dropped off for recycling means there are now 26 collection sites participating in the Alberta Ag-Plastic Recycle It! pilot program.

Six more collection sites for recycling of grain bags and twine

Farms in the province generate tonnes of both types of plastic each year

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are six new drop-off locations in Alberta for recycling grain bags and/or used baler twine. That means there are now 26 collection sites in the province but since not all of them accept both bags and twine, producers should first check the list of collection sites at (click on the Programs by Province […] Read more

Cleanfarms opens office in Lethbridge

Cleanfarms opens office in Lethbridge

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cleanfarms has opened an Alberta office in Lethbridge. The national stewardship organization is best known for its ag-plastics recycling programs for pesticide and fertilizer jugs and totes as well as grain bags. The organization, which has offices in Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan, has hired environmental scientist Davin Johnson for the Lethbridge operation. Johnson grew up […] Read more

Recycling options for your used grain bags

Reading Time: < 1 minute Now is a good time for Alberta producers to recycle empty grain bags. Under the newly minted ‘Alberta Ag-plastic. Recycle It!’ program led by the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group and operated by Cleanfarms, farmers can have empty grain bags and twine recycled. For year one of this three-year pilot, Cleanfarms has established 20 collection sites […] Read more

Dispose of old pesticides and livestock meds

Twenty-six locations named across the province

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cleanfarms is collecting old, unwanted agricultural pesticides and livestock/equine medications in six locations in the Peace region from Oct. 16-18 and at 20 locations in northern Alberta from Oct. 7-11. Materials accepted in the Cleanfarms program include old or unwanted agricultural pesticides (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label) and livestock/equine medications […] Read more

There’s now a (good) way to deal with grain bags and twine

There’s now a (good) way to deal with grain bags and twine

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many landfills don’t want it and you’re not supposed to burn it — so what do you do with old grain bags and twine? That vexing question led to the creation of the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group and, now, a $1-million, three-year pilot project that will see about 20 ag plastic recycling depots set up […] Read more

Ag plastic recycling to start this fall

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cleanfarms has been chosen to operate a three-year pilot program to collect grain bags and twine in Alberta for recycling. In its first year, there will be up to 20 collection sites in operation this fall, said Alberta Beef Producers, which helped to choose the national non-profit organization to run the pilot. ABP and the […] Read more