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grizzly bears

Preventing conflicts with bears before they start

Reading Time: 2 minutes It doesn’t matter where you are in the province — Alberta is bear country. Bears prefer to be left alone, but tragedies do happen. It was the death of a woman attacked by a grizzly bear in Canmore in 2005 that led to the creation of the Bearsmart program. The voluntary program is a partnership […] Read more

Tillage radishes bring many benefits, but “we’re learning as we go,” says Clearwater County official Annie Bertagnolli.

Tapping into nutrients and tackling compaction with tillage radishes

The forage brassica has big-time potential for rejuvenating tired, compacted pastures — but there’s a learning curve

Reading Time: 3 minutes How effective are tillage radishes in rejuvenating poor soil and pastures? Staff at Clearwater County have been experimenting with tillage radishes to see if their theoretical benefits hold up in the real world. The fast-growing brassica can be used in forages as a cover crop and as feed for cattle; its long taproot can open […] Read more

Roger, son Caleb, and Bonita Bott pose in front of their field of sunflowers in Clearwater County.

Venture into sunflowers proves profitable

The Botts were told that sunflowers weren’t suitable 
for their farm, but that didn’t stop them

Reading Time: 3 minutes When someone told Roger Bott, he couldn’t grow sunflowers in his part of Alberta, he was determined to try. Eight years on, Bott and wife Bonita — and a lot of residents of Clearwater County — are glad they did. “People are also really enjoying looking at the sunflowers when they’re on the highway,” said […] Read more