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Producers battling herbicide-resistant weeds will need to add diversity to their rotations, says federal research scientist Breanne Tidemann.

Saskatchewan herbicide resistance a heads-up for Alberta

More than half of fields surveyed had a resistant weed, with Group 1-resistant wild oat at the top of the list

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta’s herbicide-resistant weed survey is underway this summer, but the results from Saskatchewan paint a grim picture of what to expect here. “Since 2009, there’s been an 89 per cent increase in the land area affected by herbicide-resistant weeds,” said federal research scientist Breanne Tidemann. “We are in a fairly steep incline in terms of […] Read more

Cleavers, in seedling form. (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Cleavers not threatening exports, Canola Council says

CNS Canada — Suggestions that canola shipments to China could be in jeopardy because of concerns over herbicide-resistant weeds are being refuted by the Canola Council of Canada. Great Northern Growers Inc., an agriculture service business in Saskatoon that sells herbicides and other products, said it has heard China doesn’t want pesticide-resistant weeds coming into […] Read more

Breanne Tidemann is testing the Harrington seed destructor in Lacombe as part of a nationwide study on harvest weed seed management.  
Photo: Jennifer Blair

Aussie weed ‘seed destroyer’ ready to roll in Alberta trials

The Australian-made Harrington seed destructor shows promise 
for cleaver control in Alberta, but likely won’t work on wild oats

Reading Time: 2 minutes A novel way of controlling herbicide-resistant weeds has emerged from Down Under, but whether it will take off in Canada is still up in the air. “We know that herbicide resistance is a problem here, but it’s also a really big problem in Australia,” said Breanne Tidemann, a graduate student at the University of Alberta. […] Read more