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This map shows the amount of precipitation that has fallen across the Prairies so far this growing season as a percentile. The wettest region is around Edmonton, with precipitation amounts falling into the 90th to 100th percentiles. The driest areas are in southern Alberta and central Manitoba, with some areas seeing values as low as the 10th to 
20th percentiles.

Even in summer it’s cold up there — and that’s good

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last issue, we looked at how precipitation forms in warm clouds. But in reality, most of our summertime precipitation comes from thunderstorms, which primarily consist of cold clouds, so we’ll take a look at what cold clouds are and how precipitation forms in them. In general, a cold cloud is one that has at least […] Read more

This map shows the total precipitation across the Prairies over the last three months. Most areas have seen near to slightly above average rainfall so far this growing season, with only southern and central Alberta seeing below-average amounts.

Our heads are in the clouds

Having trouble sorting out cumulonimbus, stratocumulus, 
and nimbostratus? Here’s your cloud-spotting guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m currently off exploring the mountains of southeastern B.C. and southwestern Alberta and due to my travels, will have go with a more generic weather article this issue. I decided to take a look at something that ties into pretty much all of our weather — clouds. If we were to define a cloud, we […] Read more