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Olymel plugs over $52M into poultry processing

The meat packing and processing arm of Quebec’s biggest agrifood co-operative has earmarked over $52 million for poultry plant upgrades and construction in Ontario and Quebec. La Coop federee’s Olymel division in the past week has announced over $30 million for plant upgrades and the purchase of a second facility at Brampton, Ont., $14 million […] Read more

We need to dig deep and better understand our soils

Healthy soil is our greatest asset, and farm practices focused 
on just the short term undermine our competitive advantage

I believe that at some point in history, we will fully appreciate and understand that healthy soil is our greatest competitive advantage and the most valuable asset on Earth. As agriculture is the foundation of all civilization, we cannot ignore the evolution of food production. We have gone from gathering food to industrialized agriculture and […] Read more

The twin digesters at the Perry farm will produce 630 kilowatts of green power annually while reducing 
carbon dioxide emissions from area feedlots by more than 10,000 tonnes annually.

Southern Alberta farm leading the way in green energy

Chris and Harold Perry have added anaerobic digesters to 
thermal and solar power generation on their Chin-area farm

Chris and Harold Perry take the power of science and sustainable farm practices very seriously. The southern Alberta farmers call it their “2020 vision” — reduce farm inputs such as water, fuel, electricity, and synthetic fertilizer by 20 per cent while increasing net yields by 20 per cent. And they don’t think small. In November, […] Read more

Scientists make ethanol without corn or other crops

The process converts carbon monoxide gas into liquid ethanol using copper electrodes

Scientists have developed a new way to make liquid ethanol efficiently without using corn or other crops needed in the conventional method for producing the biofuel. The scientists said April 9 their process turns carbon monoxide gas into liquid ethanol with the help of an electrode made of a form of copper. They said the […] Read more