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pile of manure

Know the rules and think of your neighbours

You don’t need a permit for temporary 
manure storage, but the rules don’t give 
you a free pass, either

Reading Time: < 1 minute Temporary storage is a regulated management option that allows a producer to store manure in the field for a short period of time without requiring permits or additional testing. “Temporary sites offer a number of advantages — operators can avoid spreading on snow and frozen ground, can compost the manure, and can minimize the impact […] Read more

Nick Savidov (left) and Marc Legault used a bioreactor to convert poultry manure to fertilizer in three weeks.

Alberta project turns manure into liquid gold

Researcher says liquid composting of manure is a viable on-farm process whose time has come

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nick Savidov doesn’t mince words when he talks about relying solely on synthetic fertilizer to feed the planet. “The fact is that if we don’t learn how to recycle nutrients and water, we are doomed,” said the senior research scientist at the Bio-industrial Opportunities Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “We will start dying off […] Read more