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Feedlot operator Stuart Thiessen would like to grow his operation, but that won’t happen until the market encourages cow-calf producers to increase their herd numbers.

Why isn’t Alberta’s cattle herd in growth mode?

History says this should have been a boom year — but cattle numbers are actually falling

Reading Time: 5 minutes This should have been a golden year for cattle producers — but it wasn’t just the weather that didn’t co-operate. Viewed through a high-level, macro-economic lens, the national herd should have seen a significant jump in numbers as the cattle cycle — that big wheel that takes a decade or so to make one turn […] Read more

New Alberta rep on Canadian Pork Council

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dan Majeau is the new Alberta rep on the Canadian Pork Council, a federation of nine provincial pork industry associations representing 7,000 farms. Among the council’s priority issues are pushing Ottawa to take a leadership role in completing Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. The organization has also been working the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to resolve issues […] Read more

Former European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and former prime minister Stephen Harper were all smiles after signing multibillion-dollar trade deal in Brussels in October 2013. But its potential impact is still being gauged.

CETA a household word on Canadian farms, in Europe not so much

Trade deal is a ‘non-story’ on the other side of 
the Atlantic

Reading Time: 2 minutes The man on the other end of the phone is confused. “I have not heard of this before,” Marek Nowak says slowly. “I am of no help for this.” He’s been asked about the impact the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement — commonly called CETA — might have on Polish dairy farmers such as himself. […] Read more

Protect supply management, says Alberta Milk chair

Protect supply management, says Alberta Milk chair

Farm Vote: Tom Kootstra says critics of supply management don’t understand there’s no free market in milk

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta’s dairy industry needs Ottawa to fight for supply management, says the chair of Alberta Milk. “The biggest issue is continued support for our unique production model — supply management — and the potential impact that a trade deal could have on our system,” said Tom Kootstra. That means going to bat for supply management […] Read more

large inflatable chicken at a protest march

Hormone-free beef for European markets the next big export opportunity

Half a million cattle raised without implants will be needed to fill the 
quota in the new trade deal with the European Union

Reading Time: 4 minutes The proposed trade deal with Europe has a simple story line for Alberta cattle producers — build the herd. “To take advantage of the European agreement, we’re going to have to expand,” said John Masswohl, director of government and international relations for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) finalized late […] Read more