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Now in its second year, the Emerging Agriculture conference brings together students and industry experts at the University of Saskatchewan for a three-day ‘hackathon.’

Tech conference brings together bright minds to ‘hack’ ag industry issues

The Emerging Agriculture conference Jan. 9-11 aims to foster ag industry innovations

Move over, Silicon Valley — hackers will soon be setting their sights on Saskatoon to solve the industry’s biggest problems. The agriculture industry, that is. “Emerging Agriculture is a weekend hackathon where we get students and non-students interested in agriculture together to collaborate on agriculture-based technology and ideas, and hopefully make some startup companies out […] Read more

Soil health conference bringing in leading experts

Ten leading experts will present current information on concepts for improving soil health at the Western Canada Conference on Soil Health in Edmonton on Dec. 8-10. Among the speakers are Gabe Brown, Jill Clapperton, and Martin Entz. The topics include building healthier soils through grazing, cover crops, soil health assessment, and ecological farm management. The […] Read more