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The rollback of the minor wage increase deservedly given to grocery store staff during the pandemic is only a recent example of ongoing cultural destruction.

Temper tantrums aren’t just someone having a bad day

It may seem like someone has a short fuse but there’s 
usually a long list of reasons behind a blowup

Reading Time: 3 minutes A conflict in itself is often not the root of the problem. I waited in a return line as the person in front of me argued about her bill. The staff person was unable to respond in a way that was satisfactory and the customer started shouting. Management was called and the young staff member […] Read more

A small conflict offers some larger lessons on finding solutions

The story of Sarah and Tom shows how easy it is for battle 
lines to be drawn and how they can be avoided

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sarah was mad at Tom for spending money on a new gun. She has been trying to manage on a tight budget for years and the kids needed new school boots with a long, wet spring just around the corner. Tom argued the money came from the portion of the budget they could both dip […] Read more