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Canadians don’t necessarily need to know about how to raise cattle, but they do need to have trust in beef, says one industry representative.

As the gap widens, farmers urged to reach out to consumers

The ag sector is better at both documenting its stewardship 
and communicating — but more is needed

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ever noticed you don’t hear the phrase ‘rural-urban gap’ as much these days? A decade and a half ago, farmers and ranchers — realizing most Canadians were, at best, a couple of generations removed from farming — were reaching out to urbanites at events such as the Calgary Stampede or through programs such as Ag […] Read more

Consumers are hungry for information and the best way to get to them is to talk about shared values, says Crystal Mackay, executive director of Farm and Food Care.

‘Start with your heart’ in order to win the trust of consumers

People want the facts on how their food is produced, but they 
want them from sources they know and trust, says expert

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s better to talk about the shared values that you have with a consumer than to start spouting facts. “We are not going to advertise our way to public trust,” Crystal Mackay of Guelph-based Farm and Food Care told an audience of ranchers, food executives and beef industry officials at the Global Conference on Sustainable […] Read more