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Debtors must be aware of the options available to lenders in case of default or demand, Alberta Agriculture warns.

Read before signing the loan agreement, says expert

Reading Time: < 1 minute Agriculture is a capital-intensive business, and farmers often enter into financial agreements with lenders with the assets purchased with the loan used as security. “Unfortunately, farm business managers can fall into a pattern of simply signing documents, and not reviewing all the conditions thoroughly,” said Rick Dehod, agriculture farm financial specialist with Alberta Agriculture and […] Read more

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The downside of an option-to-purchase land agreement

This type of agreement doesn’t oblige an energy or utility company to buy the land

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Farmers’ Advocate Office has received numerous inquiries on option-to-purchase agreements between landowners and the energy and utility sectors. “It’s important that landowners are aware of the risks of option-to-purchase agreements,” said Jeana Les, research and communications specialist for the advocate office. “An option-to-purchase agreement locks a landowner into selling to a certain company at […] Read more