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(Photo courtesy Canada Beef Inc.)

Beef demand soars as consumers ‘aggressively’ stock up

Surge in sales accompanied by a jump in people looking online for recipes

Canada’s beef demand has been strong during the pandemic. “Unlike previous disease outbreak issues, COVID-19 has not been about food safety or consumer confidence or issues with food products,” Canada Beef president Michael Young said during a recent online town hall. “Beef demand at retail is up 50 to 70 per cent. Consumers have aggressively […] Read more

Yes, you can have a juicy burger while eliminating the risk of E. coli contamination.

There’s a magic number when cooking beef — and it’s 71 C

Doubts had been raised on the safe temperature for cooked beef, but new research has settled the question

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your burger is still done at 71 C. New research has concluded that all E. coli pathogens are killed at that temperature. “The last time people wrote articles about this in 2016, there was work that referenced the implication that 71 C was not safe,” said Mark Klassen, director of technical services with the Canadian Cattlemen’s […] Read more

Six tips for safe barbecuing

Six tips for safe barbecuing

Looks good, doesn’t it? But every year there are reports from incidents resulting from gas barbecues. Here are six common barbecue safety mistakes — and how you can avoid them.

VIDEO: Cooking up good things with pulses

VIDEO: Cooking up good things with pulses

Canned chickpea water substitutes for egg whites in making macarons

Reading Time: < 1 minute While Canada grows copious amounts of pulses, most are exported. Chefs Geoffroy Dextraze and Chef Chris Kopp of Winnipeg’s Prairie Ink Restaurant and Bakery share their experiences developing new pulse recipes for the provincial launch of the International Year of Pulses. The event was put on by the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers and attended by[...]
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Russell Bird and father-in-law Ron Yoneda took on the world — with bacon sushi.

Our bacon ambassador does Alberta proud

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bacon is getting a whole new sizzle on the gourmet scene these days — would you believe chocolate bacon Fudgsicles? — and Russell Bird is making sure Alberta gets its due. The Sherwood Park man represented his country in the bacon category at the World Food Championships in Florida last month and reports things have[...]
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beef steak

Getting beef back on the table

Health advocates want to get people back in their kitchens, and out of 
fast-food joints, and that’s an opportunity for the meat sector

Reading Time: 3 minutes As marketers, we’re always on the lookout for trends and how we can latch on to the waves to build momentum for messages. One of the waves gaining momentum is ‘food skills.’ In a broad context, food skills is just about what it takes to get a meal on the table. This includes: Knowing what[...]
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Alberta Nuffield scholar Cheryl Hazenberg is interviewed 
during her trip to China.

A rare steak is rare indeed in China

Reading Time: 2 minutes China is famous for dishes — from snake to thousand-year-old eggs — that are alien to palates of westerners. But Cheryl Hazenberg found it all depends on your viewpoint. The director of technical services at the Canadian Angus Association, who is travelling the world studying traceability as a 2014 Nuffield scholar, spent two weeks in[...]
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People gathered in a community club kitchen.

They’re cooking up a storm inside (and out) at Hand Hills

Hand Hills Lake Community Club may be in the middle of nowhere, but its fall suppers and summer rodeos are big draws

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to working in confined spaces, the members of the Hand Hills Lake Community Club could teach astronaut Chris Hadfield a thing or two. On the last Sunday in October, club volunteers cook up turkey dinner — with all the trimmings —for 700 to 800 people in the hall’s 24×30-foot kitchen. Well, sort[...]
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