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Manitoba corn locked in sideways trading mode

CNS Canada –– Manitoba corn appears locked into a sideways trading range for the foreseeable future, according to one industry watcher. From where the president of the Manitoba Corn Growers Association sits, it’s not surprising, given commodities’ bearish nature these days. “It’s not super-rosy; the (weak Canadian) dollar helps a bit, but we would like […] Read more

‘It was only the ethanol mandate and the subsequent demand for five billion bushels of corn for ethanol production that lifted corn prices out of the doldrums.’

U.S. local corn prices dip below $2 in some areas

A review of ending stocks in the past does not give much hope for a turnaround

Even before the current U.S. Farm Bill was adopted, we shared our concern that a $4-plus plateau in corn prices, which was being widely predicted, was in all likelihood no plateau at all. A year ago many were predicting corn would average $4.50 a bushel, partly because of ethanol demand and partly because production costs […] Read more