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A close-up of emerging corn seedlings north of London, Ont. on May 24, 2016. (Ralph Pearce photo)

Pearce: Ontario crop conditions a tale of two scenarios

When it comes to getting a handle on current crop conditions in Ontario, it really depends on who you ask. Conditions and progress in the southern portion of the province vary — some considerably — compared to those in eastern Ontario, particularly where it comes to planting corn and soybeans. If there’s one common theme […] Read more

(Manitoba Co-operator photo by Allan Dawson)

Man. corn planting seen starting last week of April

CNS Canada –– The dry bias to this year’s spring, along with recent warm temperatures, leads one Manitoba agronomist to conclude corn will soon be going into the ground. “By the last week in April… unless some weather shift happens,” said Morgan Cott, agronomist for the Manitoba Corn Growers Association. Excess moisture shortened last year’s […] Read more