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There are a number of things you need to get right when growing corn, says Sara Meidlinger, a market development specialist with Pride Seeds.  PHOTOs: Supplied

Cows love it but growing corn for silage or grazing can be tricky

Getting the crop off to a good start through seed selection and good seed placement is critical

Reading Time: 4 minutes Corn can be an attractive option for feeding cattle, but there are a lot of specifics to consider when you choose to grow it. “Corn just tastes good and cows love it. It’s more palatable than barley, and it has a better dry matter intake,” Greg Paranych, agriculture field specialist with the Grey Wooded Forage […] Read more

Picking the right variety is key to making corn silage in Alberta, but silage management is also critical.

You can’t make heat, but you can pick the right variety for corn silage

Harvesting at the right time to maximize digestibility is also key

Reading Time: 4 minutes Feeding corn silage to cattle comes with some risks in Alberta — but there are ways you can manage that. “There are a lot of different factors that will affect yield and quality in corn silage,” said federal research scientist Karen Beauchemin. “You have some control over some of these factors, but not all. So […] Read more