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India’s decision to impose a 50-per-cent tax on peas surprised the Canadian pulse sector.

Out of the blue — India’s tax on peas hits growers here

India is our top customer for pulses but the pea tax and ongoing fumigation issue make for ‘a challenging situation’

Reading Time: 2 minutes India’s sudden decision to impose an immediate 50 per cent duty on pea imports has Canadian pulse officials scrambling to find answers — and figure out what comes next. “This sort of moves us beyond even where India has been before in pulse import duties… more than a decade ago we were at 10 per […] Read more

Canadian pulses granted three-month extension to India’s fumigation exemption

Canadian pulse officials have less than three months to reach a long-term agreement with India over fumigation in pulse shipments

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canadian pulse exports to India have been given the green light, at least for the short term, temporarily heading off fears of higher fumigation charges or being shut out of the country completely. The federal government announced July 5 that India has granted another exemption to allow Canadian pulse exporters to access that market. Exports […] Read more