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“We’re still working to introduce legislation in Congress to require labels on beef, pork, and dairy products... we believe we’re nearing the top of the hill,” R-CALF USA says on its website. Officials here think that’s unlikely but are keeping a close watch given the huge impact of country-of-origin labelling on Canadian cattle producers.

Country-of-origin labelling discussion re-emerges in U.S.

Some American ranchers are ‘making a lot of noise’ but odds of a return to COOL law seem slim

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mandatory country-of-origin labelling (COOL) is gone, but there’s a new effort by American beef producers wanting to bring it back. “It’s still hugely on our radar,” said Alberta Beef Producers chair Melanie Wowk. “When COOL was first instituted in 2003, it was costing us about $600 million a year, so I think you could say […] Read more