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Clay and Jesse Williams have grown their herd quickly and the fall in prices hasn’t deterred their plans to expand even more aggressively.

Canada’s cattle herd has stubbornly refused to grow

High prices made expansion expensive and falling prices have folks nervous — but young producers like Clay and Jesse Williams see only opportunity

Reading Time: 5 minutes Canada’s cattle herd has been poised for expansion for the last two years, but declining cattle prices have put those expansion plans on hold. “The July 1 inventory showed that we were completely steady with beef cow numbers,” said Brenna Grant, manager of Canfax Research Services. “We did have an increase in beef heifers for […] Read more

The productivity of every one of the 28 paddocks on Mark Burggren’s quarter section is precisely tracked.

Latecomer to cattle business puts the green in greenhorn

Retired engineer takes a shine to controlled grazing — and proves the system can generate amazing results

Reading Time: 4 minutes Most people don’t associate mechanical engineering with cattle grazing — unless they know Mark Burggren. Although he spent summers on his grandfather’s Strathmore-area ranch in his younger days, Burggren knew little about cattle until retiring as a mechanical engineer in 2007 and buying a quarter section near Condor. But he’s getting nearly 50 per cent […] Read more