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The rise in cattle prices offers a chance to invest in herd health, as well as strengthening your balance sheet.

Cow-calf sector needs a different approach when it comes to investing

Pay attention to working capital, and invest in productive assets, herd health and yourself, says expert

Now that the cow-calf business is providing positive margins, an Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development specialist has some suggestions where cow-calf operators can invest to help improve their bottom line. In the Managing Prosperity in the Beef Industry presentation now available from Cow-Calfenomics risk management series, farm financial specialist Rick Dehod suggests that improving working […] Read more

Creep feeding speeds puberty in bull calves

Creep feeding could bring bull calves to puberty over one month faster than calves fed a lower-nutrition diet

Cattle producers should consider creep feeding bull calves that could someday be sires, says a recent study from the University of Calgary. “These findings have important implications for management of young bulls prior to puberty,” said PhD student Alysha Dance, who looked at the effects of nutrition on hormone production, age of puberty, semen quality, […] Read more