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Researchers join forces to dig deep into state of Prairie cow herd

Researchers join forces to dig deep into state of Prairie cow herd

The five-year project has researchers collecting hard data on topics 
such as antibiotic use, trace minerals, and Johne’s disease

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cattle in Western Canada tend to be deficient in copper, have a low incidence of Johne’s disease, and cow-calf producers don’t use antibiotics excessively. Those are three of the findings from the cattle health network, a five-year project begun in 2012, and based on the National Animal Health Monitoring System in the U.S. “This year […] Read more

Knowing which of your cattle are pregnant and putting the open ones on a high-energy ration can make you significant money.

When does it pay to preg check your cattle?

At current prices, feeding open cows a high-energy ration for 90 days is the smart financial move

Reading Time: 3 minutes According to the 2015 Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey, 60 per cent of producers include pregnancy detection as part of their management strategy. That’s up from 49 per cent nearly two decades ago. But the question remains as to why 40 per cent of producers in Western Canada choose not to preg check their cows. Assuming […] Read more

Girl with cow.

Gold medal bovine

Stella isn’t your typical cow, and not 
just because of her fashion sense

Reading Time: < 1 minute She couldn’t make it to Sochi, but Olympics fan Stella has turned in a medal-winning performance in Alberta Farmer’s felfie contest. Pictured with Stella is Angie O’Connor, who works at a feedlot and keeps some feedlot calves (and an old Holstein who raises them) on an acreage north of Wimborne. Our three judges (Sarah Schultz, […] Read more