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Dennis Halstead provides comic relief between rodeo events, part of his role as a rodeo clown.

The guardian angels of the rodeo grounds

Retired Calgary firefighter says he's "living the dream"

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rodeo always has an element of unpredictability and danger and there’s nowhere that’s more evident that in bull riding. Typically the event kicks off with a sense of nervous anticipation, accompanied by pulse-quickening hard rock like AC/DC, and an excited announcer asking spectators, ‘Are you ready for some bull riding?’ The chute opens and everyone […] Read more

Alberta cowboys made a big difference during the filming of “The Revenant” last year in the Canadian Rockies. From left, Bob Leggette, Ivan Daines and Mark Nugent, who were all special skills extras during the film’s production.

‘The Revenant’ wins Oscars and the hearts of Alberta cowboys

Innisfail’s Ivan Daines and friends proudly did their bits on screen and now celebrate film’s success

Reading Time: 3 minutes When rodeo legend Ivan Daines tuned into the Academy Awards last month, he was as joyous as any cowboy could be when “The Revenant” claimed best actor and director honours. “‘The Revenant’ is such a great movie. I was very proud when Leonardo (DiCaprio) won, and proud Alejandro (González Iñárritu) won,” said Daines. “It’s almost […] Read more