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Half of Alberta fields have herbicide-resistant wild oats

The short-term gain from growing profitable crops too frequently will bring long-term pain, say weed experts

For Craig Shaw, herbicide resistance is a wreck waiting to happen. “It’s manageable at the present moment, but I wouldn’t guarantee it will remain manageable moving forward,” said Shaw, who has widespread herbicide resistance on his farm near Lacombe. “We’ve learned our lesson in terms of staying on top of weed control and making sure […] Read more

Craig Shaw used this corn planter for three years to more precisely place canola seed — and loved the “very, very uniform” emergence 
it produced.

Costly corn planter gives ultra-consistent canola stands

Craig Shaw loved the results, and lower seed cost, 
but the pricey equipment is a major barrier

It’s one of those farming Catch 22s. On the one hand, the high cost of canola seed makes it tempting to minimize one’s seeding rate — on the other hand, a strong and consistent canola stand is key to good returns. In the American Corn Belt, producers have found a solution by repurposing their corn […] Read more