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This map, which estimates soil moisture reserves as of May 31, shows most of the province is dry to extremely dry.

Creep feeding can mitigate hay shortage

If calf prices stay around current levels, creep feeding could generate nearly $200 in extra revenue

Reading Time: 2 minutes The potential for a poor hay crop is high, and producers facing a shortage should consider creep feeding, says a provincial beef and forage specialist. “Stress on plants from last summer and fall, as well as this spring’s weather across most of Alberta has slowed forage growth in pastures and hayfields,” said Barry Yaremcio. “If […] Read more

More than two-thirds of your pasture growth happens by mid-July.

Creep feeding an option if your pastures are hurting

A good creep ration could increase the value of a calf by $50 to $200 if prices stay around $2 a pound

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s another tough year for pastures, and producers wanting to stretch limited forage supplies should consider creep feeding calves throughout the summer, says a provincial beef and forage specialist. “It’s possible that pastures will run out much earlier than normal,” said Barry Yaremcio. “In general, 70 per cent of total forage growth occurs before the […] Read more

cattle grazing on a hill

Short on forages for cattle? Creep feeding could be the answer

Grazing expert says creep feeding could deliver 25 to 100 pounds of additional gain

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cool, dry conditions across most of Alberta last month slowed forage growth in pastures and hay fields, says a beef and forage specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “If it stays dry the amount of growth will be limited and it is possible that pastures will run out much earlier than normal,” Barry Yaremcio said […] Read more

Creep feeding speeds puberty in bull calves

Creep feeding could bring bull calves to puberty over one month faster than calves fed a lower-nutrition diet

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cattle producers should consider creep feeding bull calves that could someday be sires, says a recent study from the University of Calgary. “These findings have important implications for management of young bulls prior to puberty,” said PhD student Alysha Dance, who looked at the effects of nutrition on hormone production, age of puberty, semen quality, […] Read more