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Open outcry floor trading has largely gone the way of the dodo, but grain and livestock markets still make unexpected moves and producers need to take advantage, says market expert David Derwin.

Chuck the crystal ball — protect your downside

If you’re worried about missing big rallies and don’t like delivery commitments, 
then consider options, says David Derwin

Reading Time: 5 minutes David Derwin has one piece of advice for farmers wondering where markets will go in 2017: “Expect the unexpected.” “A lot of the marketing advice out there is about trying to guess where the market is going to go, and I think too much time is spent there,” said Derwin, an investment adviser with PI […] Read more

Lower prices and crop quality hammered by poor harvest weather means it will be tough to squeeze out 
a profit this year.

In tough times like these, the goal is averting a disaster

The upcoming Hedging Edge workshop offers producers an 
introduction to options, futures, and hedging

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s come to this. “It’s all about trying to make it a break-even year or a slight loss year, and prevent it from turning into a disaster year,” said David Derwin, commodities portfolio manager at PI Financial. A miserable harvest has created an abundance of poor-quality crops and with prices down sharply, producers are going […] Read more

Three crop marketing pros share their No. 1 tip

Three crop marketing pros share their No. 1 tip

Reading Time: 3 minutes We asked the Hedging Edge experts for their No. 1 marketing tip for this fall. Here’s what they had to say. Neil Blue Provincial crop market analyst “My No. 1 tip — and this isn’t an earth-shaking one — is shop around. That means knowing your product first — getting a grade from potential buyers, […] Read more

(Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Federal funding pledged for crop market development work

Canadian crop commodity groups getting federal AgriMarketing funding plan to put the money to work over five years — not just in salesmanship, but in developing their crops’ story for potential customers. Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz made two five-year funding announcements during the CropSphere 2015 conference Tuesday and Wednesday in Saskatoon: over $3.3 million […] Read more

Bee pollinating a canola flower

Many ways to protect the price of your canola crop

Spring Price Endorsement, put options, and a variety of contracts 
with delivery commitments offer different benefits

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farmers should keep in mind the Spring Price Endorsement (SPE) to protect the price of this year’s canola crop, says Neil Blue, a market specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. The 2014 canola spring price under the SPE program from Agriculture Financial Services Corporation is $9.75 per bushel. “A payout under the SPE would […] Read more