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When prices go south, options can save you major dough.

Expert says too many farmers working without a net

FarmTech: Fewer than one in 10 producers use options to set a floor price for their grain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Forget that old farm dog — options are a farmer’s best friend. “If you don’t have options in place, your tool box is not quite complete,” said David Derwin, an investment adviser with PI Financial. “If we can add a few more newer, sharper, better tools like options into the tool box, we’ve got a […] Read more

Farm business experts are always saying, ‘Know your cost of production.’ But this year, ignoring that advice could quickly get you into the red.

Margins are tight — will you be able to squeeze out a profit this year?

Management specialist Dean Dyck says have a break-even budget, 
buy inputs early, and forget about machinery purchases

Reading Time: 3 minutes The weak Canadian dollar and a drop in prices are going to make it tough for crop producers to make a profit this year. Tough, but not impossible, says a provincial farm business management specialist. “You can make a profit this year,” said Dean Dyck. “I took a look at the four major crops in […] Read more

Watching what moves markets

Monitoring response to government crop and livestock reports helps with risk assessment and marketing plans

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s a fact — government agricultural reports can affect the market. Those who follow crop and livestock markets often see the dramatic reaction these reports can have on prices, says provincial market specialist Neil Blue. “The reports are usually the result of a survey of inventory, or of estimated inventory and estimated use of crops […] Read more

canola field and oil derrick in background

Canola and barley markets offer opportunities in a time of low crop prices

Fundamentals favourable for canola and barley but not other grains and oilseeds, 
says commodity strategist Moe Agostino

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a time of flat or falling prices, canola and barley offer a little ray of hope, according to Moe Agostino, chief commodity strategist with Risk Management. Tight supply is positive for canola, but the key is strong demand fuelled by the plunge in the Canadian dollar, Agostino told a packed room at FarmTech. […] Read more