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Sharpen your pencil before deciding whether to spray

Determining the economic threshold on 
when it pays to spray is not cut and dried, 
says research economist

The decision on whether to spray or not can be a difficult one for producers, says an Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development specialist, and the wrong decision can have serious financial consequences. “Today’s farm business managers wear many different hats, and mycology and entomology may not be their area of expertise,” said research economist Nevin […] Read more

Fungicide spraying is increasingly the norm, says Shaun Kinniburgh of Kinniburgh Spray Services.

Fungicide spraying on the rise

Shorter rotations and humid conditions are making fungicide more popular

It seems people don’t question the need to spray fungicide any longer. “A lot more producers are more aware of diseases and are making the decision to spray fungicide a lot more than they used to,” said Mark Cutts, a crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture’s Ag Info centre in Stettler. “That goes across the province […] Read more

Agronomist Doug Moisey shows the deformed brace root system of corn plant injured by phenoxy herbicides like 2,4-D or MCPA.

Weed competition costing corn growers yield

Corn growers have limited options for controlling Roundup Ready 
canola in their crops — but Group 27 herbicides offer a ‘good opportunity’

Doug Moisey wouldn’t go so far as to say corn is the “wuss” of the cropping world, but it sure doesn’t put up much of a fight against weeds. “Wuss may be a strong word, but when it comes to weed control, it’s very critical,” said the DuPont Pioneer area agronomist at Farming Smarter’s field […] Read more

Using an asymmetric nozzle design with an air-induction tip, Wolf had “terrific results” at five miles per hour. At 10 miles per hour, the deposit became “less uniform.”

Researcher urges a slow and steady approach to spraying

Expert says a bigger tank, wider boom, and faster tank filling is a better alternative to increased speed

Slow and steady is the better bet when spraying, says a sprayer specialist. “When you have to cover each acre five times per year, you may be very tempted to travel fast,” said AgriMetrix’s Tom Wolf at the recent Cereal Disease Conference. “I’m going to try to convince people to go slower. I know it’s […] Read more