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You can make a user-pay argument that feedlots should contribute to road maintenance costs but Lethbridge County’s head tax on cattle could prompt some feeders to move elsewhere, or even close down.

A taxing situation — study says there’s no easy fix to county’s cattle tax

The levy on feedlot cattle has some justification, a lot of drawbacks, and no trouble-free alternatives, says new study

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lethbridge County’s head tax is unfair for cattle feeders — but there’s no easy alternative. Those are the key takeaways from a new study that looked at both the impact of a per-cow tax, and how the county could raise badly needed funds for maintaining and repairing its roads. Read more: Lethbridge County ‘head tax’ ruled […] Read more

The fall run is tough on calves but we can do better

The fall run is tough on calves but we can do better

The health problems seen in the feedlot don’t come out of the blue and 
careful handling should start at the home ranch

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the fall run underway, cattlemen and women are faced again with the challenge of morbidity and mortality in calves. By the time calves land in the feed yard, they have often been handled and transported several times. How they fight off disease during that extraordinarily stressful period is related to their age and weight. […] Read more

Producers wanted for study on animal welfare

Producers wanted for study on animal welfare

Reading Time: < 1 minute Participants are needed for a study on producer perceptions of animal welfare. The research project will examine the practices and perceptions of farm animal welfare among livestock producers, feedlot owners, and beef processors in both the beef and dairy industries of Alberta. It is being conducted in the context of the short-lived move by Earls […] Read more

We can’t turn a blind eye to abuse

Domestic violence and animal abuse do take place 
on farms in our province, and both must be reported

Reading Time: 4 minutes A 2012 report called The Cruelty Connection looked at whether there was a relationship between animal abuse and domestic violence in Alberta. And there was — people who committed crimes against animals also committed crimes against people. The project (a collaboration between the SPCA and the RCMP) found that in 85 per cent of cases […] Read more

Producers need to reconsider their ideas about animal welfare, said Jennifer Walker, director of dairy stewardship at Dean Foods.

Look at your farm the way a consumer would, says animal welfare expert

The term ‘producers’ is a problem, and so are a host of common practices

Reading Time: 3 minutes Producers need to talk and think about animal welfare differently to gain the trust of consumers, says an official overseeing animal welfare at one of the largest dairies in the U.S. “Everything happens through people,” Jennifer Walker, a veterinarian and director of dairy stewardship at Dean Foods, said at the recent Livestock Care conference hosted […] Read more

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New agency to handle Sask. animal welfare enforcement

Saskatchewan’s animal protection officers will start Wednesday with a new not-for-profit agency handling animal welfare enforcement work in the province. The provincial agriculture department on Thursday announced a two-year, $610,000-per-year agreement to fund investigative services provided by Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan, effective April 1. A new toll-free phone number, 1-844-382-0002, will be in place […] Read more