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It’s effective but a methane-reducing feed additive known as 3-NOP won’t be available here for a few years, says ruminant nutrition expert Karen Beauchemin (pictured in her lab at Ag Canada’s Lethbridge research station).

Burp-busting feed additive for cattle still a few years from approval

Alberta research has found 3-NOP works, but the path to regulatory approval is long

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new feed additive can reduce methane emissions in beef and dairy cattle, but unfortunately, it’s not available in North America yet and won’t be for some time. The feed additive, called 3-nitrooxypropanol (or 3-NOP for short), is a methane-inhibiting compound created by Dutch company DSM Nutritional Products. “It’s quite well researched in dairy and beef […] Read more

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StatsCan sees higher cattle, hog inventories at July 1

Full impacts of West's drought not yet counted

Nationwide head counts of livestock from the “early stages” of Western Canada’s ongoing drought won’t yet show the weather’s full impact, but showed slightly larger herds heading into this summer compared to last year. Statistics Canada on Monday reported the first year-over-year increase in the size of the country’s cattle herd as of July 1 […] Read more

Take a walk thru on the dairy farm

Take a walk thru on the dairy farm

Walk thru event being held Aug. 7

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s too soon to hold Breakfast on the Dairy Farm again. But a version of it — Walk thru on the Dairy Farm — is being held on Aug. 7 at Happy Cow Dairy in Red Deer County.  “Organizers have worked with Alberta Health Services to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols while still offering a […] Read more

The social media chatter and news stories started spreading when the butter stopped being so easy to apply on a slice of bread.

‘Buttergate’ has dairy sector on the defensive

Hard-to-spread butter suddenly becomes an international controversy on what Canadian dairy farmers feed their cows

Reading Time: 2 minutes It started with a few tweets and texts, but escalated into an issue that drew international attention — and a vow from the chair of Alberta Milk “to do better.” It began with people wondering why their butter no longer spread easily at room temperature before suddenly turning into a controversy over what dairy farmers […] Read more

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Dairy farmers asked to pass on palm byproducts in rations, for now

Seek out other ingredients while hard-butter issue under review, DFC asks

Canadian dairy farmers whose feed rations include supplements made with palm byproducts are being asked to consider other options while consumer complaints over butter are probed more closely. Dairy Farmers of Canada on Thursday asked its farmer members to “consider alternatives to palm supplements” pending the outcome of a review of “issues that have been […] Read more

Alberta Milk’s new-entrant program now open

Alberta Milk’s new-entrant program now open

Applications close on March 31

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Milk is now accepting applications for the New Entrant Assistance Program (NEAP), which offers a quota loan at no cost to qualified new farmers. New this year is the ability for those accepted to use loaned quota as security with financial institutions. To date, 22 farms have started under the program, said Alberta Milk […] Read more

Participants wanted for dairy cost study

Participants wanted for dairy cost study

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta dairy farmers are wanted for the 2021 edition of the Dairy Cost Study. The pandemic has affected dairy producers, said provincial research analyst Pauline Van Biert. “For the dairy farmer, demand for milk production has fluctuated as processors made adjustments to meet changes in the marketplace,” she said. Participants in the study will receive […] Read more

Pandemic spurs farm gate milk price hike

Pandemic spurs farm gate milk price hike

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Canadian Dairy Commission has set aside its usual milk price adjustment formula and is increasing the price paid to farmers by $1.46 per hectolitre effective Feb. 1. The increase “will partially offset losses incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic and market trends which have caused revenues to remain below the cost of production,” the […] Read more

Dairy seminar heads online

Dairy seminar heads online

Reading Time: < 1 minute This winter’s Western Canadian Dairy Seminar will be held online this year. The internationally known event, entering its 39th year, will be spread out over five days, with each daily session lasting two to three hours, organizers said. This year’s seminar will also feature virtual tours of three progressive dairy operations, a student research presentation […] Read more

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COVID-19 aid ‘falls short,’ farm groups warn

Aid package includes AgriRecovery for cattle, hog sectors

Ottawa — Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying more money will be provided if needed, the agriculture sector continues to criticize Ottawa’s $252 million in COVID-19-related financial aid offered to producers and processors. “If we have to add more, we will,” said Trudeau, after announcing new funding and programming. The federal government is offering an […] Read more