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Call to pay dairy farmers to quit misses the mark, says Alberta Milk

Report predicts half of dairy farms will go out of business in a decade without sweeping changes in the sector

Report predicts half of dairy farms will go out of business in a decade without sweeping changes in sector

CORRECTED, Nov. 19 — Alberta’s milk sector faces challenges — but a call to pay farmers to quit the business and to overhaul the entire system is off base, say industry officials here. A recent report from the Agri-Food Analytics Lab says that without major changes, Canada could lose half of its dairy farms in […] Read more

Want to become a dairy farmer?

Application deadline for new entrants is March 31

Applications are now being accepted for Alberta Milk’s New Entrant Assistance Program, which offers a quota loan at no cost to successful applicants. The program provides two kilograms of loaned quota for every kilogram bought (previously this was 1:1), up to a maximum of 25 kg/day. The 25-kilogram loan is enough quota to milk 18 […] Read more

Canadian dairy farmers protested against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in late September. Federal negotiators agreed to increase foreign access to Canadian dairy markets to 3.25 per cent, but Ottawa will set up a $4.3-billion fund to compensate farmers and processors who are negatively affected.

TPP trade deal to impact Alberta

Livestock, canola and grain producers say it’s a big win, 
but supply management will see its market share shrink

It’s just what they hoped for — or not as bad as they feared. News of a deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was cheered by export-focused farm groups while getting a ‘it could have been worse’ reaction from many in the supply management sector. “This is really fantastic news for Canada’s beef producers,” said […] Read more

The time has come to rethink single-trait selection

Temple Grandin was right about animal welfare, and she’s right 
about respecting the dual purpose of food animals, too

I am a big fan of Dr. Temple Grandin. A long time ago we stood in a small community hall in Alberta with 60 farmers in attendance. She talked about an animal’s reaction to light, movement, and sound, and encouraged producers to see their facilities through the eyes of their livestock. I talked about shrinkage […] Read more

Dairy production dips as cull cow prices soar

Dairy production in Alberta has dropped to its lowest level in a year — and the high price of cull cows is to blame

The price of replacement dairy heifers in Eastern Canada is keeping cull cows on the farm longer, reducing milk production by almost three per cent in Ontario from the same time last year. But in Alberta, it’s the strong price of cull cows that’s keeping milk production down. “Cull prices are really, really high,” said […] Read more